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 River Valley Fabrics

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About me, the owner!

My name is Toni Engel, I am a Mom, a wife, a crafter of anything and I sew!  I am not  perfect in my sewing but enjoy making quilts, bags, purses, rugs, wall hangings, you name it and I will try to make it.  I also dabble in T-shirts, glitter tumblers and jewelry.  I AM A MAKER. . . . and my style is a quirky mix of farmhouse, vintage, modern and boho. 

How I became a shop owner. . .

I have always tossed around the idea of owning my own business but could never decide where to start or what I wanted to sell.   When the owner of the previous fabric store announced she was closing, I thought now is my chance!  I am interested in these products, the business aspect and am more than willing to learn whatever I don't know.  I thought, if I don't do this someone else may and I will have missed my opportunity.  That was my deciding factor.  So I jumped in with both feet and am learning to swim!